How to Fish with Dynamite

One may think that fishing with dynamite is an easy thing to do.  It seems like it would be like shooting fish in a barrel if you are using a very large gun and are shooting them in a very large barrel.  But the truth is that it is not as easy to fish with dynamite as one might like.

The first thing to successful fishing with dynamite is the presence of fish.  Let’s face it, dynamite isn’t cheap and even though you’ll always get the satisfaction of creating a big boom, if your goal is to catch fish, you want to be using your dynamite where it is going to do the most good.  For this reason I recommend that you get yourself a good fish finder.  Fish finders will help you the largest area of fish so that you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

The most important skill required for fishing with dynamite is the ability to count.  For some who prefer this method this might prove difficult.  Fortunately it is not required or even preferred that one count high.  Counting to three or five is usually all that is required.

Of course if one does mess up the counting, the results can be disastrous.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture what happens if you hold on to your dynamite for too long.  At best you’ll blow a hole in your boat.  At worst you’ll blow off your hand or completely blow up yourself.  Then, instead of having fish for dinner, the fish will be having you for dinner.

The results of throwing your dynamite too soon can be equally disastrous if not as deadly.  If your dynamite and fuse are not waterproof and it hits the water before exploding, you’ll have wasted your dynamite.  If your dynamite sinks too low (and goes off), it could create a big wave and capsize your boat.

Another crucial element to fishing with dynamite is arm strength and throwing ability.  While dynamite isn’t particularly heavy it is very important to be able to throw it far enough away from you so as not to injure yourself.  Not only do you need to be away from the blast radius but you’ll want to keep it far enough away to protect your ears from damage from the blast.

If you keep these tips on how to fish with dynamite in mind, you’ll soon be a successful dynamite fisherman.  Just remember that in this case practice doesn’t make perfect.  You’ll want to do it right the first time or there might not be a second chance.