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Religious Games for Children

Pope Francis played with an application similar to that of Pokémon Go but with Jesus as the protagonist. Check out other games that involve religion in their stories. Carry out games is a great way to make church fun and to make children from preschool to high school to be interested. Games can be used to reinforce biblical concepts and teachings. Children are more likely to retain and understand ideas if they can be active while learning. Games also avoid boredom, which can offer children a negative perception of religious experiences.

Character charades

This game is good for older primary school kids and teens. He prepares a deck of cards, each with a biblical character written on it. Ten common characters are David, Moses, Paul, Goliath, Jonah, Mary, Noah, the blind Bartimaeus, the leper, and Samson. Enter a card and ask a child to represent the character without using any sound. Whoever hits the right character will be next. If someone is right and has just had their turn, let the person choose someone who has not yet participated.

Draw the Bible

This game is aimed at middle school and high school students. Prepare a deck of letters with different biblical events or items printed on them. Ten possibilities include: (1) creation; (2) the flood; (3) the separation of the Red Sea; (4) The Ten Commandments; (5) The Arch of the covenant; (6) Noah's Ark; (7) the feeding of the 5,000; (8) bread and fish; (9) The Lord's supper and (10) Jesus walking in the water. Separate the children into two teams. Each takes its turn by sending a player to choose a card and draw what is on it. If the team guesses them in a while, they win a point.

Follow JC Go!

On the occasion of the World Youth Day 2019 in Panama, he set up his own Pokémon Go: Follow JC Go!. An app that invites you to search for Bible characters while walking around the city. It was officially presented from Rome, Italy, via a live Facebook, but the day before it was shown to Pope Francis.


Originally released in 1991, this strategy game puts the player in control of a civilization, for example, the United States or France, to guide them throughout history. Religion is a game tool to improve your civilization or as a way to win, depending on civilization. Players can create their religion or choose a predetermined name based on real-world religions such as Hinduism or Judaism. Once players have their religion, they compete with other civilizations to make theirs the most influential and followed religion in the world.

God of War

Based on religion to shape the game, it is strongly inspired by Greek mythology. The protagonist, Kratos, is the God of war after killing Ares, and he is the son of Zeus. The stage is ancient Greece for the beginning of the series. Athena, Hercules, and Hades make appearances at the games. The latest version, released in 2018, is based on Norse mythology rather than Greek mythology. However, the elements of Greek mythology remain in the series.

From Dust

In this game, the player is an unknown God who creates land and sea to help guide a tribe in search of knowledge. Rituals, totem worship, and the division of the ocean as Moses did in the Red Sea appear in history. Random natural disasters stand in the way of the tribe to complete the quest for knowledge. Only the player, being the" God " of the game, can help save the tribe during these catastrophes.