The Magic of Stupidity

I have undertaken a lot of random projects through the years, most of which have failed spectacularly.  The worst was definitely a job related site that I tried to promote with a friend.  To be honest, I was never completely sure how we were going to make money from the site but I still thought that there was money to be made if we could properly promote it.  We spent over $1000 on various promotional techniques and ultimately had a site that still received no traffic.

Fortunately, most of my hair brained schemes cost little money – just time that I probably would have wasted watching tv anyway.  For the latest in a long line of such projects, just see my previous post about Grumpy Fat Cat.  Thanks to having to switch servers, I’ve already killed the site.  Part of it is probably due to impatience but it never caught on like I hoped and I ran out of ideas much faster than I thought.  Oh well.  If by chance you’re looking for that site, you’re now redirected here to this site.  Sorry.

There is one random thing that I have received success with that I didn’t really expect.  Granted, success is probably much too generous of a word seeing as it amounts to 100 or so hits a month, but it is still more than I expected.  On another site I wrote about the disgusting and disturbing reality of an item known as a prostate heater.

Thanks to the whole switching server thing again, I decided to combine part of that site with this one.  The reality is that I had two sites that were ultimately serving the same purpose and I like this site better.  I left the other site up pretty much for the sole reason that it was getting hits related to the prostate heater.

Here’s where the magic of stupidity comes into play.  Odds are good that you’ve never heard of a prostate heater before.  I certainly hadn’t, probably because I’ve had no use for one and because it was one of many quack medical devices that they had a century or more ago.  The reality is that we probably shouldn’t criticize too much because in another century it is likely that our progeny will think the same thing about chemotherapy or CT scans.

Nevertheless, something that is ultimately a heater that gets stuck up your butt can’t help but get your attention as it did mine.  I couldn’t help but want to find out more about it when one was discovered in a storage locker in an episode of Storage Wars.  And I’m certain that is what happens a few hundred times a month as people are watching reruns of that episode now.

Of course there isn’t a whole lot of information available about prostate heaters.  So, that makes my article about finding a prostate heater for sale one of the top search results.  Thanks to this post, I now have two articles on prostate heaters which just might make me the world’s foremost expert on the devices according to Google.

And that is part of the fun about writing random thoughts, you just never know what might catch on.  I’m certainly not making any kind of money with the traffic I’m getting but it is amusing to get the traffic regardless.  When you are randomly stupid, a lot of times you waste time and money.  Occasionally you stumble onto a good idea.