Cannon Blaster

This is an adventure game where you must launch yourself through the course using cannons to get from place to place. It all comes down to timing or your will fall or otherwise hit an object and die. There really isn’t any strategy to this game other than the five seconds it may take you to figure out how to use a new object.

If you enjoy games that require good timing you’ll probably enjoy this game. The controls are very simple. The spacebar is your action button and controls 75% of everything you’ll be doing. Occasionally you’ll also use to arrow keys to pilot a cannon or balloon. Also very conveniently you don’t need to mouse to click ok to continue or restart a level. That always drives me nuts. You’ll appreciate it when you die, and you’ll probably do that a lot. Fortunately the levels are short so it’s not like you blow the last shot on a three minute level and suddenly you have to start over again.

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