You can help build this site by contributing your own games.  We'll gladly include your name and a link back to your site if you have one.

We have a few criteria for games submissions. 

  • Any material that is submitted you must have permission to submit because you own the copyright or it is free for anyone to use
  • You grant this site non exclusive rights to use your submission - that is, you own all rights to the submission and may reuse it anywhere else you like but you allow us to use it on our site
  • All games must be Christian oriented or family friendly if submitting for that category

For Bible games and trivia:

  • Send us a link to a site so that we may imbed it into our site or otherwise incorporate it.
  • If you like, you may provide a short description or review of the game

For family friendly games:

  • Please ensure that the game is family friendly - no violence, sex, drug use, etc.
  • Provide information for embedding the game.  Many free games sites will have information for embedding it into a site.  One of the most popular sites is to get games from
  • Give a review of description of the game

For printable Bible games

  • Provide the game in a format that can either be printed directly from the site or downloaded.  This can be in a picture format, a pdf file, or a word document. 

For Sunday school games

  • Provide a description of the game or activity to use in Sunday school.  If there is a materials list or any thing that can be downloaded to supplement the activity, please provide this.

To send your game email us