The Ultimate Fun Online Bible Games & Trivia To Play For Free

Bible was initially written in three languages and has today become the most read holy book of the world. it sure is the panacea to all humane ailments and its sanctity is unquestionable. But more than a religious book it teaches us a lot about Jesus and the way he looked at the world. Entertainment and fun were not restricted in his heavenly kingdom, therefore it won't be wrong to make a little game of fun out of this very loved religious book. Therefore the game makers have not missed the chance to build the fun bible games out of this respectable theme. The fun bible games have nothing to do with religion but they guarantee unadulterated fun and unlimited entertainment. After having a first-hand look into the games, you will know why Jesus will not be very annoyed to see his bible turned into a game.

Trivia is basically little pieces of information on trivial or little matters. Trivia might sound trivial but when it takes the form of a quiz, it becomes quite an adventure to remember and recall every small detail about a subject. Like any other trivia, bible trivia is just another trivia with thousands of questions based on the Bible, Jesus and Christianity. Bible trivia is among the most installed fun bible games which are popular among all age groups ranging from kids and youth to the elderlies. A question on the birthplace of Jesus might seem easy. But the city to which Saul was traveling when he saw the great blinding light may not sound that familiar. There are hundreds and thousands of such questions in the bible trivia that actually turns the bible trivia into a fun bible game. Here are some of the questions from the trivia:

  1. There was a man who in the parable of the good Samaritan who came to help the injured man. Who was he?
  2. What was the name of the tribe from which Paul belonged?
  3. Paul of Tarsus had a different name before he became a missionary. What was his real name?
  4. Gospel of Matthew cites the name of a place where Jesus delivered his first sermon. Where was that?
  5. What is the biblical narrative of the Palm Sunday that the Christians celebrate so religiously?

Still, think you know everything about your beloved Jesus and his sermons and the holy bible. Think before you say yes. And if your answer is yes, then definitely go through this trivia for once.

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Bible is the favorite religious text for half the global population and almost all age groups take an equal interest in the book. Jesus has always been the most favorite god and his theme is sure to be a hit.