Plunk Pool


This is a fun pool game. Rather than just a boring game of 9 ball or something similar, you must sink the balls in a certain amount of shots. You get bonuses for sinking multiple balls, coming in under par, and for ricocheting shots.

The controls are very simple and intuitive in this game. It is just a matter of pointing the mouse and clicking. By moving the mouse further away from the ball you hit a more powerful shot.

There are three difficulty levels with 9 “courses” on each level. Once you beat a level you unlock it in free mode and can go back and play it when you like. I got through the easy level with no difficulty, only losing on one course. It gets considerably more difficult on normal and hard though.

If you like pool games, this is definitely worth checking out and even if not I believe you’ll find this to be fun and worth a look.

Like number games involving colors or shapes, as levels go higher, more colors are added for increased difficulty.

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