This game features a time traveling robot. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, this game probably isn’t for you. Also as a shout out for sci fi and BBC fans the time traveling machine looks a lot like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. If you’re into that or can look past that, this is a different kind of game that has some fun puzzles.

You must move to open doors and boxes to reach a part for your time machine. However you can’t do so on your own. So you must perform your action and jump back in the time machine where a second copy of you comes out and acts while the first copy does what he did the first time while you were controlling him. It’s actually easier than it sounds. Just don’t think about the time traveling thing and instead do what you need to do to beat the level.

This is a really good puzzle game but definitely won’t be for everyone. If you’re into puzzle games it is worth checking out and playing through. It’s a different type of challenge but a lot of fun.

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