Block n Roll


In this game you are in control of a rectangular block. You must roll this block along a path in order to get it to drop in the hole at the end. Of course it isn’t so simple. Your block must remain fully on the path or else it will fall off and you’ll have to start over. Also at the end you must have the block positioned just the right way to get it in the hole.

As levels increase, so does the difficulty and things involved. There are switches that control bridges to cross. You must activate the switch to open or close a bridge. Some bridges require simply that you roll over them while others require you to stand with your full weight. In addition to the bridges there are other blocks that you must roll over and you can’t stand on or you’ll fall through.

One nice feature is that you are given a code for each level so that you can work on a certain level without having to go through and beat all the previous levels to get to it. It makes it much more re-playable.

Overall this is an interesting and fun puzzle game. People who are spatially minded will enjoy this in particular.

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