Conquer Antarctica


This is a massively fun game that people familiar with the game Worms will certainly enjoy. You are a penguin floating on an iceberg. You are trying to take over Antarctica by knocking other penguins off their icebergs. To do this you fire snowballs out of a bazooka to injure or otherwise knock off the penguins.

There are only nine levels but I find this game to be very replayable. While there is strategy and skill, some of it comes down to dumb luck as well. Sometimes it takes the opponent forever to knock you off, other times you are out in two turns. Beyond the general fun of playing the game, the voices are very amusing and very Worm-esque as well.

The bottom line is that if you’re a fan of Worms you’ll definitely enjoy this game. If you’ve never played it before there’s a good chance you’ll still enjoy this game. If you like this game, check out Raft Wars for a similar style game.

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