Ding Ding


This game is a simple to operate puzzle that is challenging and thought provoking. In short, you have colored dots and you want to drag your mouse over touching colors. This can be done not just in a straight line but also diagonally and you can make turns as well. A small amount of coordination is required as if you move the mouse too slowly it will end the move as will bumping into another color.

You must plan your moves wisely. Popping more bubbles in one move gathers more points but you must also be careful not to leave bubbles that are not touching a like color. If you pop a bubble without any matching color, you will lose a life.

Like number games involving colors or shapes, as levels go higher, more colors are added for increased difficulty.

Overall it is an amusing and challenging game. Some may get frustrating trying to figure out how to play though as the instructions are not the clearest.